Stop SOPA and PIPA

Today, hearings begin in Congress on the very controversial SOPA/PIPA bills that would effectively hand over the power of the average citizen to the government when it comes to the internet. These bills are strongly anti-liberty and should be opposed at all costs.

Just to give you an example of the draconian nature of these laws, the only other somewhat industrialized nations to have laws on the books similar to these are China, Iran, and North Korea. Not a group we want to be associated with when it comes to freedoms.

Instead of trying to explain SOPA and PIPA to you in detail, I will let this video do the describing for me, as it does a great job –

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

To help stop these awful pieces of legislation – sign the petition here –

UPDATE: I regularly monitor my site to see how people get here, and many people are searching something along the lines of “the Christian response to SOPA and PIPA” and ending up on this post. While I couldn’t possibly claim to speak for the whole of the Christian community on this issue, here is the way I see it –

1. First, I do not claim to endorse piracy on the web, and opposing these bills is not at all an endorsement or even acceptance of any sort of theft. There are other ways to fight piracy besides destroying the internet and the freedoms we all have. In fact, we already have fairly strong anti-piracy laws in place.

2. Second, SOPA and PIPA, if passed, will almost certainly at some point be used at some point to censor messages that the government does not like. As a Christian who knows a bit about history, I know that those of us who are believers often end up the ones discriminated against. Why would I support something that would potentially lead to squashing free speech, including freedom of religion.

3. Finally, it is ok for Christians to speak out against their government if what they are doing is immoral. Some believers are afraid that speaking out might be a violation of Romans 13, in which Paul told the Romans to obey the government. However, remember the story of John the Baptist – he felt it was his obligation to speak out against his government when Herod was acting in an immoral manner. Therefore we see that there is certainly a Biblical case to be made for Christians to take a stand and speak out when government is acting in an immoral manner. Is SOPA/PIPA immoral? I believe so, because it attempts to take our God-given rights away.

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